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Coastal and river Level Data

Water data map

This European water level web site provides an easy way to current water level observations and data, flood information and actual warnings. The primary goal is to increase flood awareness in European countries, by making  real time information on water levels in rivers and lakes easier to find for anybody. This is a big challange because of the many languages on the continent. Second goal is to create easy access to water level information on river systems outside Europe.

Coastal regions: Wadden Sea

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Water levels in the ten longest rivers of Europe: Volga, Danube, Dnieper, Don, Petsjora, Dnjestr, Rhine , Desna, Elbe, Wisla

Other Eurepean rivers: Maas, Daugava, Weser, Oder, Nemunas, Po, Seine, Loire, Garonne, Rhône, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onego,

North America: Missouri River

Asia: Ob